Первое появление в Греции


В Афинах пахло необычайно приятно цветущими деревьями, апельсинами или черёмухой.

Athens - city view

Athens – city view

В аэропорту я удачно села на ночной автобус и поехала в свой хостел. Он был в центре города, нужно было пройти минут 15 огородами сперва по главной дороге, а потом куда-то вглубь. Я его легко нашла, оказалось, что у меня трёхместный номер, где уже спали две китаянки. Утром я посмотрела с балкона и у меня сложилось впечатление, что я в чайна-тауне. Да и настоящие китайцы там тоже встречались.

Athens - china town

Athens – china town

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Like ocean

Only on the last week in Greece I surprisingly visited the marvellous nook called Kavo Paraiso.  Long lasting beach stripe is edged by high rocks which fall into the sea. Water element looks endless like ocean.  The beach is unfrequented, sand is so fine and soft, water rolls in white horses. Thanks to my friend…

Kos - Kavo Paradiso

Kos – Kavo Paradiso

Desert rose

Actually Kos is not so green as I supposed.  And in a summer time in the broiling sun vegetation is getting withered.

Kos - Tree. Kardamena beach

Kos – Tree. Kardamena beach

But till now I enjoy all these smells and a beautiful view. Especially I like staying on the beach, breathing and listening waves.

..and Other Animals

The other day I spent a few peaceful and beautiful moments on the beach immersing into the wave whisper. And unexpectedly somebody approached to me sounding strange.  It turned out a very curious and frendly dog.  He sniffed all my stuff and me, wanted to play and then went away.

Also I saw tracks of unknown animals on a sand:

Kos - Footprint on sand. Kardamena beach

Kos – Footprint on sand. Kardamena beach

I cannot even imagine what the animal it is and hope never see it.

Il mare meraviglioso

Today it was a first time when I was on the beach a few hours. I was listening waves, feeling warmth on the sun and sand, and swimming also first time. Till now beach is quite empty and I enjoy it completely.

Kos - Waves. Kardamena beach

Kos – Waves. Kardamena beach

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